Technology Literacy Standards

The Burlington Public Schools District Technology Plan (2011-2016) BPS District Technology Plan includes the following benchmark, “Students will be proficient in all areas of Massachusetts Technology Literacy Standards”.

A full copy of the DESE’s Massachusetts Technology Standards is available here. itstand.pdf (k-5 standards are listed on pages 8-12 of the PDF document. pages 4-8 for the printed version.)

As a member of the BPS Edtech team I follow the above benchmark and standards.

In addition, The BPS EdTech team is focused on blending 21st Century Literacy standards with existing Burlington Public School and Massachusetts State Standards, emphasizing the importance of Digital Literacy & Citizenship, (i.e. guiding students how to appropriately and safely share work online; how to develop a responsible and effective online presence; and how to be effective users of information.)

The following is an outline of The BPS EdTEch team’s Technology, Digital Literacy & Citizenship Standards.
BPS Technology, Digital Literacy & Citizenship Curriculum Outline

Daniel Donoff
Instructional Technology Specialist, Fox Hill Elementary


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