Summer/Fall 2015 Fellowship Website is up!

The website I created for the Norman B. Leventhal Map Center’s “2015 Fellowship Program, The American Revolution Era (1750 -1800)” has been posted on their website

I’ll be using the website, completed in January 2016, with 5th grade social studies classes in the later part of their study of the American Revolution in the next few weeks. 3rd grade teachers have expressed interest in having their student’s view the site as well.
The site is can be viewed via the Map Center’s website (
Click on Teacher Resources > Lesson Plans & Curriculum Units then choose Elementary and American Revolution from the search options.
On the following page, Click on the link,  Maps, Manuscripts and Documents: Boston and the American Revolution.
The fellowship was a tremendous learning experience and I am very happy to be able to integrate technology into Fox Hill students’ learning and understanding of the American Revolution story.
Thank you to the Map Center’s staff who assisted me with my research, educated me on new online tools, and supported my work.
Mr. Donoff

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