Map Center Fellowship

This summer I was one of two Massachusetts teacher’s selected to participate in the Boston Public Library, Norman Leventhal Map Center’s “2015 Teacher Fellowship Program, The American Revolution Era (1750-1800)”.

I enjoyed  a wonderful learning experience, exploring, examining, and analyzing the Map Center’s incredible collection of Maps, documents, manuscripts and other primary source documents. Learning new online and software based mapping tools.

In addition to my research at the library, I was able to join multiple teacher workshops, visiting historical landmarks and revolutionary war sites around the Boston area.

Using information from a combination of on and offline resources and live site visits, I was able to greatly  increase my knowledge of the American Revolution.

I will be continuing to work this fall to complete my final project.  This website, aimed at elementary level teachers and students, will contain a selection of primary sources, including maps, images and documents that help to teach the events that occurred in and around Boston at the beginning of the American Revolution and compliment the Leventhal Map Center’s digital collection.


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