Grade 1 students post Peppermint Parade Videos to Digital Portfolios on Blogger!


Before winter vacation,  grade 1 students were videoed performing in their Peppermint Parade.

Students used their ipads and learned how to upload their videos to their Google dDive.

This week, grade 1 students were busy posting the videos to their digital portfolios on Blogger.

Students did a wonderful job following step by step instructions on how-to; create a new blog post, type in an appropriate title, label their post “grade 1”,  and insert their Peppermint Parade video clip from Google Drive.

In addition to accomplishing the task of posting their videos, 1st grade students used Chrome books, expanding their knowledge  of how to use different types of devices in addition to iPads.

I was pleased to see Students quickly and efficiently use the Chromebooks to login to their Google accounts and open the Blogger app and post their videos!

IMG_6776   IMG_6777Screenshot 2015-01-20 at 10.52.52 AM








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