ST Math Alert Update: Good News!


Full service to ST math has been restored!

The folks at Mind Institute Research sent the following email this morning, apologizing for service outages over the past week.


Dear ST Math Partner, 

We realize it has been a long and unpredictable week of ST Math for you and your students. Intermittent issues continued until 9:58 a.m. today when full service was restored. Since we turned up the filtering to keep out malicious traffic, some of you were blocked from hitting our servers after the 9:58 “JiJI is up an running” status message. We corrected the filtering issues and are very optimistic about tomorrow.

As a result of the recent issues affecting ST Math, student syllabus progress may appear to be impacted. Rest assured that student progress was retained during the outage. The next time a student logs back into ST Math, they will either be taken directly to the current objective, or in some cases be asked to click through a previously completed objective before reaching their current objective cone. The previous content will not need to be replayed in order to recover student progress. After logging out successfully, ST Math reports will reflect accurate progress.    
Our forensic investigation continues in an effort to uncover the sources of these incidents, and a project is underway to add additional safeguards against future outages. Since has been an effective communication tool, we’ll keep it up permanently and reference it at the Teacher Resource Site. 
Our deepest apologies for the frustration and anxiety this incident has caused.

ST Math Support Team



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