MassCue Technology Conference 2014


I Enjoyed attending the MassCue Technology Conference again this year!

I always look forward to learning new about new technologies, ideas for new lessons, technology strategies s, and the how-to’s of using new technology tools and applications that I can use to enhance my own teaching and share  with students and teachers.

This year I attended two workshops in particular that I wanted to share them with everyone at Fox Hill.

1st,  was  “Media Literacy: Deconstruct the Message’ Presentation presented by PBS Learning Media. The presentation was very informative providing ways to analyze media and introduced the participants to the Free Clips available at PBS Learning Media as well as several other media resources. Here a link to access the presentation

Registration for their website is free.
Go to

Once logged in you will be able to browse by standards, by grade & subject, or save a share resources with students and colleagues.


I also attended a presentation by Brain Pop as well, where they highlighted the updates to their website. The most impressive thing is the newly updated BrainPOP Educators, which is also free.  All you need to do is use our School account. Brain Pop has a screencast that explains the process for creating your own My BrainPOP teacher account.

Most of know about Brain Pop’s terrific video clips with Tim and Mobi, and other activities connected to those movies. However BrainPop educators which you can access directly through the BrainPop website has even more, you make custom quizzes using existing BrainPop quiz data and a feature that lets you create your own open ended questions, a “Make a Map” tool for creating concept maps (graphic organizers), lesson plans and more! I highly recommend visiting BrainPop educators and checking it out!

Please let me know if you need assistance and I’ll be happy to help

– Dan


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